Interior Concrete Staining

Concrete interior floors are offered in a variety of colors and styles, extremely low maintenance, resilient, and affordable.  Concrete flooring also offers a cooling benefit similar to tile. Each application is a true work of art with the resiliency, low maintenance, temperature control and of a seamless concrete surface.

Concrete staining is essentially a water coloring of the floor.  If directly stained to the concrete the colors of a stain can be unpredictable as the concrete usually starts as a shade of grey.  We put down a coat of white to ensure we arrive at true colors.  We create a sample board and work with the colors on the sample before producing the finished product on the surface.  Our high quality sealer ensures a lasting and durable finish.

Concrete coatings are an excellent choice for interior residential and commercial applications.  Many investors are using acid staining, epoxy concrete coatings, and custom painted concrete for their investment properties.  This has created a demand for these coatings with businesses, homeowners and interior designers as a unique flooring finish.  The flexibility of custom concrete options, and the low cost of concrete resurfacing caught on quickly.

We use the best materials available for the application to offer the durability and stability of a lasting and beautiful surface.  We maintain exceptional quality at competitive prices.

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