Interior Finishes

We offer a wide range of visual appeal for interior finishes and options for colors, styles, designs.  Your options include epoxy, polished concrete, water or acid concrete stains.  Choose from clean and simple, dramatic contrast or subtle options.  Depending on your preference and use of space, you have a choice of shiny or matte finishes.  Your floor will have a lasting, durable, easy to clean finish.  Applications are suitable for restaurants, showrooms, office spaces, warehouse floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Concrete surfaces are the preferred flooring option.  Tile chips and cracks, and grout lines darken quickly.  Unlike tile, concrete surfaces are seamless.  Therefore, there are no grout lines that become stained and dark.  Carpet stains, wood warps over time, and both are difficult to clean.  Unlike carpet or wood, concrete surfaces are not subject to damage by water or stains.  Concrete requires little to no maintenance. Superior to other flooring system, concrete surfaces are resilient.

Concrete floors can be enhanced with a variety of treatments.  The nature of concrete surfaces is the bond to the host or foundation surface.  All options allow for durability.  Polish the surface and apply a densifier, reinforce with a high gloss such as an epoxy, or a sealed stained surface.  Your concrete surface will be low maintenance.

The non-porous nature of the concrete finishes allow for a highly resistant surface.  There is no opportunity for bacteria and mold growth, and concrete surfaces are compatible for extreme temperatures.  Sealed concrete surfaces are stain and chemical resistant.

We guarantee the highest quality materials and the most professional service at extremely competitive prices.

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