Customize your outdoor living space with natural stone, brick or concrete pavers.

Pavers make a dramatic environment for driveways, pool decks, patios, and walkways.  There are a multitude of colors and patterns available and we offer a wide range of options.

Standard Paver Colors

Regardless of whether you choose the paving stones or any other type of deck materials, it is important to consider the usage of the space, maintenance, appearance, cost, longevity, and safety.

Cost effectiveness: Pool deck materials come in a large range of prices. Choose the options and materials that are more cost effective than others.  Access or lack of, levelling/grading, removal of structures/vegetation/concrete/gravel, size of project, dump fees will adjust the cost of the project. 

Safety: If pavers are going on top of existing concrete, will there be a trip hazard or step created?  Will this raised area be flush with other surfaces in the area?  Are there structures that need demolished to make the area flush or is this new space on the raw earth.  Are there slip hazards where traction is a concern. 

Use of Space:  The use of space should dictate design.  Where is the natural traffic pattern, proper water flow, ease of access to entry points into the building, kitchen access, utilities and refuse removal.  In creating outdoor living space, the best design often comes from identifying environmental conditions, behavior sequences, and circumstances that accommodate the utility. 

Convenience: There are many options, some are more difficult to maintain. Tile decks are beautiful and elegant but they need a regular repair and maintenance.  Pavers require annual coarse-bristle cleaning, weed prevention, and sealing.  The joints between paving stones are the most vulnerable areas of any installation. Keep these joints topped off with jointing sand to prevent pavers shifting. Maintenance of natural stone requires regular sweeping and hosing. Weeds grow on top of stones taking roots in pores, unlike brick or concrete pavers where weeds grow up through and can cause shifting. 

Aesthetics: The deck should enhance the aesthetics of the landscape. Neutral tones will be most flexible.



4 Piece patterns are larger individual pieces (8×8, 8×16, 16×16 & 16×24) and are more suitable for large areas as the finished look will not be “busy”.

3 piece patterns are smaller individual pieces (6×6, 6×12, 12×12). This option is better for smaller decks, sitting areas, or customers on a tighter budget.

Natural Stone

We recommend avoiding soft stone that delaminates.  Around pools, the quality that allows them to split easily into flat segments also becomes a huge mess as it flakes in layers, clogging pool filters, peels off sealer, and requires regular maintenance. 

Travertine is a timeless beautiful option for natural stone. 

Nysa Travertine Paver Cream light Beige Cream Outdoor Floor Wall Pool Patio Backyard
  • Nysa is a light color (cooler in summer to the touch)

Noce Earth Travertine Paver Red Pink Beige Cream Outdoor Floor Wall Pool Patio Backyard
  • Noche is a neutral tan
Silver Travertine Paver Gray White Outdoor Floor Wall Pool Patio Backyard
  • Silver is a modern grey tone, with a slightly higher cost

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