Pools Interior Finishes

Whether you are looking for pool interiors or exteriors, Arrowhead Deck and Pools offers a full line of colors, styles and options to complement your style.

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Pool Interiors

There area host of products on the market for pool interior finishes which include plaster, pebble, or tile options.

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Plaster is a mix of white cement, white sand or marble aggregate, and can

be dyed different colors.  Plaster is the iconic pool look, but can be rough to the touch as with concrete finishes. It’s classy and simple and is the most economical option, but there are add-ons such as quartz or aggregate to upgrade from a standard cement-based pigmented plaster.

Pool plaster tends to erode over time, leaving sharp edges that can scrape and cut. A typical plaster interior lasts between 5 and 10 years based on proper water chemistry and maintenance. Plaster accommodates algae, so it requires surface maintenance every week and acid washing every 3-5 years. There are new types of pool finishes that offer new looks and extended life. Standard plaster can show trowel marks more easily than an aggregate finish and colored plaster often streaks, or otherwise changes or loses its dye.

Pebble Pool Interior

Pebble pool finishes are more durable and offer visual appeal. Aggregate is a mix of a material like pebbles, glass beads or quartz with the cement instead of sand.  Once applied, the top layer of plaster is removed to reveal the pebbles. An pebble pool finish can be exposed revealing whole aggregate leaving a bumpy finish, or polished featuring a smooth texture.  Pebble Pool Finishes last longer than standard plaster. Quartz may last 7-12 years, pebble may last 10-20 years and glass beads are generally smaller than pebbles and softer on your feet.  Larger aggregate can be less comfortable for feet, and some glass beads fade and discolor over time. 


Porcelain is typical for pool tile and can be glazed, textured, or hand-painted for a fancier look. Tile is the longest-lasting interior finish for a concrete pool and is easier to clean than exposed aggregate. Glass tile is nonporous and especially durable. It’s fire-, heat-, and UV-resistant, as well as frost-proof. It catches the sun and looks shiny.  Tile of any material is more expensive than plaster or aggregate, glass is by far the highest price.  Tile can chip or crack, shattering when broken leaving sharp edges.

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