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Char L., 5/06/2013, Concrete – Stamped & Decorative

Call to schedule an appointment and set the time for that afternoon. Called back an hour later and said he had a cancellation and could be over in 30 minutes. Very impressed. Provided samples of his work and gave numerous suggestions on not only doing the cool deck. but also extending the work onto the patio. John broke the quote out into numerous options – standard cool decking for the pool and then for the patio. Then separate quotes to flagstone on pool deck and then just the patio. Told me work could be done in pieces, do cool deck now, patio later or all at once. Also said estimate was good for as long as we wanted. So if next year we wanted to do the patio, his price quote was still valid. Excellent customer service. Will schedule to have work done once other outside work is completed.