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Donna B., 1/04/2014

I contacted John Trice, Owner of Arrowhead Deck Resurfacing via email on Nov 16, a Saturday afternoon/evening. He responded very promptly by email and asked me to give him a call on Monday to discuss my needs. I spoke to him on Monday and he said he could do what I needed and would be happy to come by and give an estimate. We set a date for Thursday Nov 21. He did come over and we had an in-depth discussion about what needed to be done and what he would suggest and what he would do step by step. It was very informative. He gave us a written estimate. The next day I asked if he could return so we could show him some driveways in our area that we liked and some we did not like. He happen to be working in our area again that day so came over. We showed him several driveways both good and bad and he pointed out things that were good about them and things that were not so good about them. He advised what he would do differently. Again, very interesting conversation with someone who seems to have a passion for his work.
We decided to hire John and his crew to do our driveway refinishing. He could not start until the first Monday in January of 2014 but said he would call us if things changed and he could move us up. John was good about communicating and did call us about the second week in December to say he might have an opening over Christmas week if we would like to have the work done then. As we had no special plans or guests arriving then we were pleased to get the project started sooner.
True to his word, his workers arrived at 7am Dec. 23, and got started right a way. It was an all day job for two workers on their hands and knees with electric grinders grinding off the old, worn, dirty epoxy finish. They had large vacuums attached to the grinders so that helped keep a great deal of the grinding dust down. There was still a lot of dust but that could not be prevented. The next morning same workers arrived again and this time power washed the newly ground concrete. They then left to let it get good and dry and also had Christmas on the 24th and 25.
The morning of the 26th workers back with all the things needed to put down the first coat of the new finish. John came to personally put down the design of the first coat as we wanted a somewhat different effect than what they usually do. John made sure I was happy with the swirls and dips etc. He was eager to do several tests to be sure it was what I liked. Once we decided on the perfect effect he continued to do the entire driveway. That coat had to dry completely before the color coats could be applied. So the next day John and 3 workers arrived first thing in the morning to get started applying the colors. This too was a little different than what the normally do as I wanted the color look to be similar in color to our entry tile. The men made up several sample boards so I could see what the colors would look like applied in different ways. We finally came up with what we all felt would be perfect. So with 4 men, each with a different color to apply they got started. It was interesting and fun to watch them do their artistry! When all the color was applied we then had to let it all dry again. That was a Saturday.
The following Monday morning all returned to apply the final clear top coat. This went on pretty fast and looked really shiny. That coat had to dry for the rest of the day. The following day John and one worker returned to caulk all the driveway joints. This really finished off the entire project.
Today is January 4th and this is the first day we are able to remove the barriers and actually drive the car into the garage over the new driveway! The driveway looks fantastic! It is truly an original, one of a kind driveway! We are very pleased with the finished product and very pleased with the good work and service provided by John Trice and Arrowhead Deck Resurfacing. If you need their kind of work done, do not hesitate to give them a call. John is very approachable, eager to please and does great work. Thanks to all the Arrowhead workers for making our home really stand out among all the rest!