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E. L., 6/20/2015

Removed failing surface, where needed. Resurfaced entire patio and adjacent walkway. John responded promptly, made suggestions regarding different surface possibilities and priced each. He carefully tested areas that were failing including along the lip of the pool. When he was given the go ahead, we scheduled the work (about 2 weeks out) and he held to that date. His 3 man crew arrived early every day and worked h****** the task at hand that day. The project took 3 days to complete. Everything was done carefully and looks terrific. The one caution I would offer is that if you are thinking of draining and refilling your pool, do it after this work is complete (we did the opposite). The process creates a tremendous amount of very fine concrete dust. The crew did a great job of protecting the house and adjacent plants and other objects but the pool collected a lot of dust.