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J. H., 7/20/2014

Our cool-deck is 11 years old and is a series of 12 irregularly shaped separate pods of varying sizes that take up most of an over-sized backyard. The surface had deteriorated in several places to expose large areas of the original concrete.
John arrived to provide an estimate and discussed the details of the job thoroughly. He also arranged for us to meet at a nearby location that he had recently completed so we could see an actual job rather than just viewing a photo gallery.
The job took five days and was prepped well. It involved excavating rocks from between the pods so that they could get to the entire pod and removing the original surface (two days). Surprisingly, there was very little dust left behind from all of the grinding away. They covered the rim of the pool and you couldn’t tell that anything entered the pool itself even though they hauled out approximately 7 large trash bags of the old surface and it all hugs the pool. They applied texturing (two days) to the renovated surface. On Day 5, they applied the stain and two coats of sealer and relocated the rocks back between the pods.
We were presented with a board showing about 9 different colors to work with and, instead, I spoke with John about trying to match the color to the flagstone surrounding the pool and fireplace. He said they could match it and to disregard the color board as they would create a custom color set. This was the only area of criticism in that there was miscommunication as we expected to have finished sample boards to choose from to approve and, instead, the sample was created on the spot so we only saw one. To their credit, they hit the mark on the color and not only does it match the flagstone but the texturing jumps out with a blend of colors — this covers practically the entire yard so its a big deal for this to look good and it does.
The crew arrived on time each day and kept the work area neat when they left. John was very easy to work with and the overall experience was top notch and hassle-free.
As an update: Once the deck was re-surfaced we realized that the surface was slippery when wet. I contacted John via email and spoke with him later in the day. John had his crew come back the very next morning and put another coat of sealer down with more grit worked into it. This put a 3rd coat of sealer on the deck, did not alter the look at all, and made it much safer to move around barefoot when wet. Not only was this done immediately but at no extra charge. Superb response time and resolution.