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Kristin M., 4/5/2013, Decks & Porches

John was Fantastic! He definitely maxed out in earning karma credits taking on my job. I had a very difficult situation and patio for him to take on as I was dealing with (legally) the old-bad-contractor-“xxxx” who put down terrible overlay and gave me a bright orange patio. Plus, my cat was dying and I desperately wanted to put his paw prints in the overlay so he will always be with us in the yard. So, as a customer – I was a stressed out emotional mess! John was wonderful through the whole thing. I hired John to fix the patio because, out of the 12 other contractors I interviewed, he was the only one who seem to get that this was more than just another job. John gave us a beautiful patio. My cat died before the patio was completed, but we did get my cat’s paw prints in the overlay before he died and they look great! Do: Interview a number of contractors. You can tell who wants your job for the right reasons –and not just the money. Do: Hire John. He sat down during the estimate interview and showed me samples of his work. He talked to me and wrote up the estimate right there before he left. I would highly recommend John and Arrowhead Deck Resurfacing to anyone who wants to be treated well and have gorgeous patio.