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Marie, 5/28/2016

Arrowhead Deck and Concrete was tasked to repair stamped and colored concrete in backyard that was damaged. The work consists of repairing color that had faded or had detached from the concrete resulting in white patches of concrete appearing in multiple locations on the concrete. Arrowhead Deck and Concrete did an excellent job and we would hire them again. We had challenges and John (the owner) worked with us to find resolutions resulting in an excellent outcome. Background: our backyard has stamped concrete and it is colored. Due to poor maintenance with inferior coating products, the color faded and chipped away from the stamped concrete. Result was patches of white of the stamped concrete appearing resulting in an eyesore in the backyard. John came to our home to assess the situation. He looked at the job and within 12 hours had given us an estimate that was acceptable. John also took the time to answer all our questions with regard to how the work will be performed, duration of the project, and material to be used for the project. We accepted the bid and made a 50% deposit. John’s team arrived on the set day and time. They spent the first day power cleaning and preparing the concrete. The second day the crew arrived on time and performed the task of over spraying the old color with white. They took care to cover bushes, pool tile, back door, etc. Very thorough to protect the backyard. The third day the crew arrived and we made final color selections. Application consisted of a base color and two additional colors being added to show depth to the texture. The crew worked with us on color selection and answered our questions. On this day, the base color was applied as well as the darker accent colors. This is where we had a challenge in the project. The darker colors pooled in the low spots of the textures instead of remaining on the high points of the texture. It was as if the paint was too thin and would run to the low spots. The outcome resulting in a cheetah pattern on the patio. We were very disappointed in the look and potential outcome of the project. I contacted John that night and explained the problem and he explained the challenge with some textures having greater highs than lows resulting in the pooling. He asked his lead crew member to assess in morning and recommend next steps. The fourth day the crew arrived and assessed the outcome. The recommendation from the lead crew member was to start over with a new coat of white, apply new base, and then sponge on the dark accent color. I was very surprised at the willingness of the company to make such a recommendation. Most companies would have tried other means to find a simpler, faster solution with poor results. The lead crew member started working on reapplying the white base. I was very surprised he did not appear to reach out John so we could have a dialog about cost. Later that day John reached out to me to converse on the new scope of the project. At this point, I thought ok, here it comes. John is wanting to want to increase the cost of the project by 50%. John did not talk price at all. He was totally focused on our satisfaction of the project! It was actually I that raised the subject. John did not press the issue and was not focused on the subject. He indicated what the extra work would cost and left me to decide what I was willing to pay! I had never encountered this attitude in a contractor! It was very refreshing and I wanted to reach a compromise that was fair. I knew he took on extra labor and material and I did not think it was his fault and not something that he could have predicted. I made a suggestion and John accepted; he simply did not push the issue. On day five the base color and accent colors were added and application of the accent color was performed by sponge instead of spray. The crew took the time to make sure there was no pooling of the dark color and the accent color was uniform. The outcome was an awesome looking backyard and we are very happy with the outcome!