There are many options of interior pool tiles, depth markers, waterline tile and mosaics, but make sure the tile you choose is suitable for water. Hard water collects as hard white minerals on tile and maintaining proper water balance will help prevent this. Waterline tile isn’t just for looks. Pool finishes need to stay wet for maximum durability and uniform color. Since tile can be wet or dry and resists staining, it is installed beneath the coping to avoid stains from fluctuations in the water level.

In addition to the natural variation in shades of our products, there is a variation in the print and monitor’s screen colors. We strongly recommend that you make your decision from actual products in stock, rather than these pictures from the website.

Depth Markers

Standard Depth Markers available 4 and 5 inch font on 6″ Tile, smooth or slip resistant finish.

We install a complete line of markers for commercial and residential use. If you have a specific need, we are able to accommodate your needs. We have the ability to create upscale custom depth markers.

Visit our showroom to view options, or schedule your free estimate to get more information about your project.

Although Arrowhead Deck and Pools makes no specific claims or recommendations, maintenance and care instructions are offered here https://www.nptpool.com/tile/tile-care/.

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