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Financing a Pool

Pool building and remodeling will increase property value and quality of life, but can be expensive.  Arrowhead Deck and Pools offers an array of options and upgrades for varying budgets and customizations.  You have options.  Even if you have the available cash, you may consider financing to extend your buying power, improve your cash flow, or use someone else’s money to fund the project. 

Explore all your options as you want to lock in the best advantages.  You’ll want to consider the amount of interest you’re willing to pay, and the monthly payments amount. 

In-house financing: Arrowhead Deck and Pools offers Wells Fargo Outdoors Solutions for concrete and deck remodel projects.  Through this program you qualify for 0% interest for six months.  This is the most advantageous program, other programs are offered for a fee, interest included and regular payment.   Inquire for more information. 

A home equity loan: If you have equity in your home, you can borrow against it. Interest rates are incredibly low now and even if you don’t intend to do your project immediately it may be your interest to get it setup now to lock in low rates.  Your pool will add value to your equity, so you’re increasing the value with the loan.  You can borrow 80-85% of the homes value.  Your interest on a home equity loan is tax deductible if the loan is on your primary home and the mortgage doesn’t exceed $750K. 

A personal loan: This can be a fast and affordable way to finance a pool, but usually higher rates and lower amounts than a home equity loan.  You’ll want to ensure you get a favorable rate. Credit unions, banks, online sources offer personal loans.  You may find smaller local banks or credit unions offer better terms.  You will have a choice of a fixed- or variable-rate loan and a choice of loan terms. Many personal loan lenders allow you to qualify for financing entirely online, and you can usually secure a loan very quickly.

Financing a pool is a great option to use someone else’s cash, maintain high cash flow, or save on the whole project by completing at once.  With aggressive rates offered currently there isn’t a better time to get your project completed now.   

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