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HFS Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement Loans

  • No Equity / No Appraisal
  • No Money Down
  • Direct-to-Consumer Funded
  • Terms Up To 20 Years
  • Personal Loans

Above-ground projects are offered through Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions at 0% interest for a limited time by applying here:
Wells Fargo Financing is available with approved credit. Click here to apply today.

Financing options for pool interiors are not offered through Wells Fargo.

Lyon Financial – apply online!

    • Low, fixed rates
    • Loans up to $200,000
    • Terms up to 30 years
    • No consulting fees
    • No prepayment penalties
    • No equity or appraisals required
    • Electronic documents for fast approvals
    • Partner with homeowner and pool professional until project is complete

    Lightstream – apply online –


    Looking to build or renew your existing pool?  Highly dedicated mortgage broker with 100+ lending partners to meet your HELOC needs!

    What are the best options for financing a pool remodel?

    If you’re interested in remodeling your pool, you may be wondering what the best options are for financing the project. There are a few things to consider when making your decision, and we’ve laid them all out for you here. Read on to learn more about the best ways to finance your pool remodel.

    Decide what type of pool remodel you want – update or full remodel

    Choosing between a full remodel or an update for your pool can be a challenging decision. Of course, budget and the value you ultimately want to add to your home will impact the type of remodel you should consider. A comprehensive full remodel is the most costly, as well as substantial changes in design and construction, while an update focuses more on revamping your existing pool. You may also pay extra attention to start-of-the-art technology or safety features that will improve the value of your home. Regardless, any effort to upgrade your pool is likely to enhance property value.

    Qualified Contractors

    Look for a quality contractor to handle your next renovation project, make sure they are qualified with a dedicated Project Manager. There’s nothing more important than knowing you hired an experienced, professional who is fully licensed and insured. This will keep you safe from any potential mishaps while the job is being done. Look out for positive reviews of their past work when researching contractors or make sure that they have a valid ROC license in Arizona. At the end of the day, you want to be certain your project will be completed properly and at low risk for yourself and whoever else may come into contact with it. Consider hiring a qualified contractor for your next big venture – it’s certainly worth the effort!

    Choose the financing option that best suits your needs – personal loan, home equity loan, or credit card

    When considering different financing options for whatever you need, it is important to first analyze your needs and consider the flexible payment options each type of loan or credit card can provide. A personal loan is a great option for consumers worried about having flexible payment plans, since the repayment terms are usually flexible with competitive interest rates. If you own a home and have some equity, a home equity loan may be offered at low-interest rates, allowing you to borrow up to 85% of its value. Credit cards are convenient and offer point systems, and depending on the banks that offer them they can come with variable interest rates and flexible repayment terms. Ultimately when choosing between personal loan, home equity loan, or credit card financing options, be sure to research all the solutions in order to find the right deal that best suits your needs.

    Make sure to factor in the interest rate and monthly payments when choosing a loan

    Think carefully about the cost of borrowing when you are looking to acquire a loan. Comparing the interest rate and monthly payments across different lenders can be a savvy decision before taking out a loan, as it may give you a chance to pay off your debt at a lower cost. Doing your research on the different loan options in the market and assessing their respective cost might help you make an informed decision when planning to take out a loan; this way, your finances won’t be overly strained down the road.

    Start planning your pool remodel today!

    Thinking about remodeling your pool? Now is the perfect time to get started! With a free, no-obligation quote from Arrowhead Deck and Pools, you can get an idea of what’s possible with your pool for no cost whatsoever. During your free consultation, our professional pool designers will help you understand every step of the process and determine your budget goals. Whether you’re looking to get a new pool installed in your home or upgrade an existing one, Arrowhead Deck and Pools can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get started on giving your backyard its own little paradise!