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Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is suitable for interior or exterior concrete coatings. The concrete coating system we recommend may vary depending on your specific project. Arrowhead Deck offers solutions for heavy mineralization in the soil (efflorescence), heavy traffic, proper water drainage, slip resistance, weight bearing, levelling, and cracking.

Stained Concrete floors are an excellent choice for interior residential and commercial applications. Are you looking for interior stained concrete floors? Click here to be redirected.

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Interior Concrete Stained Flooring

Patterned Styles – Geometric, Flagstone, Versaille, Brick, River Rock, etc

Stone Texture – Concrete Stains – Trowelled Down Texture

Acrylic Overlay – Concrete Coatings

• Reduce surface temperature up to 65.4%. We use the highest quality, 100% acrylic resins available, which is why it can withstand the daily exposure to water that is often found around swimming pools. Keep in mind the lighter the color, the more reflective and lower temperature.
• Our concrete coatings are relatively thin and will not create a trip hazard
• We protect your investment with the industry’s best clear coat; offering fade resistance, stain resistance, low maintenance, and easy cleanability.
• Our coatings are fully customizable, enhancing the property and increasing values.
• Efflorescence blocker is included to protect against lifting and chipping.
• Slip resistance is included to protect from falls.
• We can fix issues of uneven areas, improper water flow and low areas with several drainage and float options.
• All coating styles can be installed on top of waterproofing material for walk decks, stairs, or balconies.

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