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About every 5-7 years you’ll need to clear coat the deck to prevent cracking and fading. The clear coat will waterproof, seal, and even restore the color of the coating. Moisture penetration is the primary cause of damage to concrete coatings, however in Arizona’s harsh summers the sun can eat away at the coatings. A clear coat on the existing deck will penetrate deep into the pores and bind particles to create a rigid but breathable surface that is strong enough for fork lift traffic. It will protect from erosion, foot traffic, mold and mildew, discoloration, and chipping. Commercial grade is not available to the public, but specialists can purchase and apply the hard, glossy surface. We can even add several layers of clear coat to ensure the integrity of the deck, however we do recommend adding a non skid to the finished deck to avoid slippage. With the preventative maintenance of a clear coat, you can hold the detail in brick deigns, flagstone, lace, etc. and restore the finish. If preventative maintenance isn’t taken as a precaution, it is often necessary to remove and reinstall the entire deck. Areas of very high traffic such as public pools and apartment complexes may require maintenance every 3-4 years. This is also true of high erosion areas such as near beaches where the salinity will create corrosion of the decorative coating. It’s a good idea to ensure a professional checks every other year on the deck to prevent a water table developing under the coating in areas where there is standing water. This could develop from planter boxes or any bodies of water such as a pool, hot tub, or if rain drainage systems run directly onto the deck.