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Lace Overlay – Cool Deck

Concrete coatings or “Cool deck” are concrete overlays that provide several benefits to homeowners, including cooling the surface temperature, chip-resistant , and providing slip resistance. With this option, you choose a solid paint color which creates a uniform look across existing concrete.  The “Cool Deck” texture is actually a branded product, but it has become so iconic that “cool decking” is now a common industry term for acrylic overlay system.  Traditional “Cool Deck” is considered an inferior product in the industry to the 5-layer system we install today which is stain resistant and no longer contains asbestos.

Cooling the Surface Temperature

One of the main benefits of of our lace “cool deck” is its ability to reduce the surface temperature on those hot summer days. Concrete coatings are designed to keep concrete surfaces cool even in the hottest temperatures to protect feet and paws. This type of coating provides excellent thermal insulation by reflecting sunlight away from the pool area. With this reflective feature, it helps keep your feet cooler while you’re lounging around or swimming in your pool.

Chip Resistant Coating

Another benefit is that cool decks create a chip-resistant finish on top of existing concrete surfaces. Since this type of material has been proven to be more durable than asphalt or other traditional coatings, it allows for greater longevity at lower maintenance costs over time when applied properly by a professional contractor.

Slip Resistant Finish

The non-skid texture helps provide additional traction and reduces slipping accidents due to wet surfaces around pools areas which can lead to serious injury if not taken care of properly. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to invest in concrete coatings for their outdoor spaces.

Pool deck resurfacing with lace style cool deck, concrete overlay, and stained concrete are all popular options for beautifying your outdoor living space. Pool decks can now be transformed with a new look that will last for years to come. Weather-resistant coatings provide both beauty and protection for outdoor walk surfaces. There is a wide variety of colors and textures available so you can customize your project to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic.

Concrete coatings are incredibly easy to maintain. With regular sweeping, cleaning, or hosing off of dirt and debris, your outdoor space will stay looking beautiful for years with minimal upkeep. This makes concrete coating an ideal choice for pool deck resurfacing and patio-deck renovations.

The quality of our products at Arrowhead is what separates us from our competitors. We use only 100% acrylic resins. You can choose from a variety of options, including:

  • Solid paint color
  • Traditional cool decking style
  • Custom colored stain
  • Custom colored stain with a pattern

The Clear Choice for Pool Remodels and Decks

Arrowhead has the right products that meet your needs. Our high-quality acrylic resins can reduce surface temperature by over 65%. This material can withstand daily water exposure, which is why it’s so popular for swimming pool remodels. If you really want to lower the temperature, choose a lighter color or upgrade to the reflecto-seal paint. We provide slip resistance on all our applications.

Superior Service for Stress-Free Cool Decking and More

Arrowhead goes above and beyond to protect the investment you’ve made in our products. You won’t have to worry about lifting or chipping because we also include an efflorescent blocker. We also use a clear coating to decrease deck maintenance, combat stains, and reduce fading.

If you need any waterline tiles, cap tiles, depth markers, or other replacements, we’ll take care of that as well! Our effective drainage and float solutions can solve any improper water flow and low area problems you’re having. No matter what coating you choose, it can always be applied over a waterproof material.

Take Advantage of Our 30 Years of Experience!

Arrowhead might recommend a variety of concrete coatings depending on your unique needs. We offer solutions for heavy mineralization, heavy traffic, saltwater pools, and more! All our coatings are customizable to maximize your property value and enhance the beauty of your home. To find out what we recommend for you, contact us today!

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The Arrowhead Deck and Concrete System is stain-resistant and practically maintenance free. Click here for Maintenance Instructions.