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Concrete Reinforcements

Concrete has lower tensile strength, malleability, and plasticity. As a rigid material it cracks under pressure and movement. However there are several reinforcements common to new concrete installations such as rebar. They may be recommended for your project, but may not be suitable for every project.

There are several factors that give resilience to concrete.  Pounds per square inch (psi) measures the strength and durability of concrete. The higher the PSI, the higher the cost and the stronger the mix.  Average PSI is 3000, unless the structure is in a colder climate, or special use such as footers, walls, or for load bearing.  Standard thickness of concrete is 4 inches; however, you can choose to increase the thickness of the concrete based on how the space is intended to be used and your preference.  Where there is only foot traffic and no load bearing there is no need for any upgrade in the concrete.

Upgrades mesh, rebar, fiber are options that may or may not be suitable based on how the area is intended to be used.  Rebar is for load bearing and is good in compression not tension.  It creates a counterbalance when weight is applied.  Metal will bend, but concrete is not a malleable material.  It will hold a force but not prevent cracking and can oxidize and rust which can create future failures and cracks in the concrete.  

Metal mesh makes concrete more durable but will help with cracks associated with shrinking of concrete while curing.  They will not keep concrete from cracking structurally or cosmetically. Metal mesh is not intended for weight bearing and will not substitute for rebar. 

Fiber mesh is distributed throughout the concrete evenly and reinforces structural integrity.  It also strengthens the concrete and create a higher impact resistance. If cracks occur, fibers reduce the severity of the cracks, allowing the concrete to maintain its strength. Fiber gives the concrete more tensile strength moisture resistance and performs better in extreme temperatures.  However, fibers can leave a fuzzy finish unlike smooth grey concrete.  We can install a coating on the top to leave an attractive finish and to match all concrete in the area. 

Arrowhead Deck and Concrete is your preferred contractor for all your concrete needs.  We will be happy to provide free estimates for your project.  Our expert installers have been trusted in Arizona for over 20 years.  Our dedication to your satisfaction is evident in our high standards and fast delivery.  If you are interested in completing your project with concrete coatings, the slab must fully cure.  Estimate approximately one month after pour to coat the fresh concrete.

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