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Exterior Stained Concrete

Exterior Concrete Staining

Arrowhead Deck and Concrete’s proprietary concrete staining solutions offer a beautiful hand-crafted finish.  Exterior concrete staining projects have more cooling properties to reduce temperatures. Our concrete staining projects are custom colored onsite to enhance the beauty of the environment. Our skilled craftsman will create sample boards for your project to ensure the texture, slip resistance, color, and sheen meet your expectations.

We make your own sample board on-site to ensure a surface that complements the environment.  As every project is custom, we encourage you to view our online photo gallery online for ideas.

• Reduce surface temperature over plain grey concrete, tile, pavers or stone. Keep in mind the lighter the color, the more reflective and lower temperature.

• Cracks in the concrete coating are telegraphing from the concrete foundation underneath the layers.  Because our installations are all done by hand, we can hide cracks inside a pattern, making them less visible.

• Our concrete coatings are relatively thin and will not create a trip hazard
• We protect your investment with the industry’s best clear coat; offering fade resistance, stain resistance, low maintenance, and ability to be easily cleaned.
• Our coatings are fully customizable, enhancing the property and increasing values.
• Efflorescence blocker is included to protect against lifting and chipping.
• Slip resistance is included to protect from falls.
• We can fix issues of improper water flow and low areas with several drainage and float options.
• All coating styles can be installed on top of waterproofing material for walk decks, stairs, or balconies.
• If required we will replace waterline tiles, cap tiles, depth markers, caulking, deck drain, or install ramps.