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Pavers and Stone Installation

Standard Paver Colors

Natural stone, brick, and concrete pavers are all great ways to add character to your outdoor living space. They come in virtually every color and pattern! With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that matches your personal style. You won’t believe the dramatic difference paver installation can make until you see it for yourself!

Paver Installation Options for Every Budget and Aesthetic

Pool deck materials can come in a wide range of prices. It’s important to establish your budget for the project in advance. You should also note that it won’t be just the materials you’re paying for. The size of the project, dump fees, and any property obstacles will all affect the total cost.

When choosing your pavers, don’t just think about how the materials look—think about how the installation will look with your home’s overall aesthetic. Does your paver installation complement your landscape and home’s exterior, or does it clash?

You should also consider the amount of space you have and the layout of the area where you want the install. Think about how the natural traffic pattern and the locations of the entry points. If you want to create a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere, you’ll want to take your inspiration from the environment that already exists.

Proper Paver Maintenance for Best Results

Some pavers are more complicated to maintain than others. Although tiles are beautiful, they are high-maintenance. With pavers, you’ll need to complete an annual cleaning with a coarse-bristle brush in addition to weed prevention and sealing. In order to prevent pavers from shifting, you’ll have to top off the space in between paving stones with jointing sand. Lastly, you should regularly sweep and hose your natural stone installation.

Weeds are usually a problem with pavers as they root and grow in the sand. In some cases, weeds can even cause shifting and damage if they grow up through brick or concrete pavers. There are a number of products on the market that can help you with this.

When pavers are installed over concrete they can create a rise in elevation, causing a tripping hazard. It’s important that any raised surfaces are flush with other surfaces to minimize risk.

See Our Pavers in Person!

Although Arrowhead Deck and Pools offers primary materials at standard paver rates, you can also upgrade your pavers for an additional fee. Check out all of Arrowhead’s options in person at our Glendale showroom! We are always willing to give you our expert advice based on our 25 years of experience.


Natural Stone is timeless and luxurious. It’s a beautiful option that can be dressed up as regal or rustic. Travertine, limestone and marble come in ranges of colors from creams, beige, silver, blue.  We offer a full selection that come with matching coping for steps, edges, and pool lips. Visit our Showroom to see samples and choose your new stone surface. Visit our showroom at 1502 N 29th Ave Phoenix AZ 85009.