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Plaster Pebble Pool Interior Finishes

Whether you are looking for pool interiors or exteriors, Arrowhead Deck and Pools offers a full line of colors, styles and options to complement your style.

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Pool Interiors

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There area host of products on the market for pool interior finishes which include plaster, pebble, or tile options.

Your pool is often the centerpiece of your backyard. While this oasis should be refreshing to swim in, it can also be a work of art to look at when entertaining family and friends. Modernizing your outdoor living space will add value to your home, transforming from dated and dilapidated to a rich and vibrant new paradise.

Remodel your pool with our 4-pillar promise:

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Plaster: Classy, simple and economical – $

Want to feel like you are basking on an iconic Greek Island each time you step outside your door? Plaster will help you achieve this Mediterranean look. It is a mix of white cement, white sand or marble aggregate. This is the most economical finish and lasts 5-10 years with proper maintenance.

Pebble Aggregate:  (Pebble Tec) Durable and multifaceted- $$

Like a massage for your feet every time you step into the pool! Pebble interiors offer a diverse mix of materials like pebbles, glass beads or quartz with cement instead of sand. Whether you want silky smoothness or radiant iridescence (or BOTH), a pebble finish will last longer than plaster- up to 20 years.  Update your pool with peace of mind and a huge variety in colors, textures, and appearances.

Tile: Super durable, timeless, unlimited architectural design- $$$

Full pool tile interiors offer a unique ways to customize your swimming pool. From a new water line, depth markers, a mosaic insert, a vanishing edge wall, or an entirely new interior, we can help you create the masterpiece oasis of your dreams. Pool tile is usually porcelain and can be glazed, textured, or hand-painted for maximum ornamentation. As the longest-lasting interior finish, tile is also the easiest to clean and maintain.
Glass tile has become the luxury standard in pool interior design, as it looks like an extension of the water- glistening in many color, shape and size options. As a nonporous material, glass tile is the most durable choice for your pool build or remodel however glass is the most expensive.  
*Arrowhead Pool & Deck recommends selecting tile from actual samples

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