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Pool Equipment Installation and Repair

Professional Pool Equipment Installation, Repair and Replacement

Our expert technicians at Arrowhead Deck and Pools have years of experience installing various pool equipment. Quality, fast install for automation, pumps, heaters, filters, salt chlorine generators, LED pool lights, and more. Contact Arrowhead Deck and Pools to schedule your professional pool equipment installation today!

Automating your pool with the right equipment can help ensure clean and healthy water while also reducing your power bill. Automation updates allows all your equipment to work together to efficiently maintain a well-balanced swimming environment. By automating your pool’s equipment, you are taking advantage of advancements in technology that will save energy, money, and time. Additionally, you won’t have to constantly monitor and adjust chemical levels as they are kept in check automatically. Update your system and add features to keep your pool running smoothly and safely. Repair and replacements as well as upgrades improve quality of life and simplify operations.

Real-Time Pool Control and Automation at Your Fingertips That Saves Money and Energy

Ultimate control and monitoring for your equipment system from the user-friendly app, from your backyard oasis or anywhere in the world. Automated pool systems are set to make adjustments when needed to run more efficiently than when you control them manually. If you’re not running your heat pump around the clock, your bill will be lower, much the way a programmable home thermostat saves you money on your energy bill. Schedule your equipment for use when you need it and turn it off when on vacation or traveling. Your pool and spa automation system comes with a main hub, switches and controls to optimize basic pool functions—but you can automate many systems to redefine your pool experience. It’s easy to switch control options from your pool to your spa, so you needn’t waste time, or energy, whenever you’d like to have a different poolside experience

  • Control pool products like pool pumps, spa jets, blower, water features, filtration, lights, heaters, chillers and sanitization via WiFi connection
  • Remote control from anywhere: Android® and iOS® device, Web browsers on Mac® and PC computers and voice command with smart speaker devices like Amazon Echo®
  • Enables seamless scheduling of pool equipment
  • Monitors the status and signals an alert for connected pool products
  • Operates almost any two on/off relays items
  • Works with Salt Chlorine Generators to adjust sanitizer levels remotely and in conjunction with other pool settings
  • External antenna to support a stronger WiFi signal and improved connectivity, eliminating the need for a WiFi extender
  • Almost limitless control capability with multiple unit connection multi-body control.
Installations Include:
  • Automated Control Systems
  • Pool and Spa Heaters
  • Pool, Spa, Water Feature Pump
  • Swimming Pool Motors
  • LED Pool Lights
  • Swimming Pool Filters
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Salt Chlorine Generators

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