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Considering that the first man-made swimming pool dates back 5,000 years ago, pools have come a long way. That first pool was called the “Great Bath.” Located in modern-day Pakistan at the archaeological site of Mohenjo-Daro, archaeologists report that it was lined with bricks and covered with a tar-based sealant. As public baths grew in popularity and splendor, so advanced the science and techniques of commercial pool resurfacing. Maintaining a beautiful, clean pool is a necessity for the tourism industry as well as many residential complexes. Pools attract guests and long-term residents through the doors. Why else do the best hotels in the world feature elaborate pools with beautiful fountains and lush waterfalls? Even if the pool is never used, it still makes for a gorgeous postcard, which increases your commercial property’s value substantially!

Pool resurfacing saves time and money for your business in the long-run. Aged or damaged pools will not only be restored to their original condition, but also they can be capable of demonstrating amazing artistry. Let’s take the San Alfonso del Mar as an example. A private resort in Chile, the San Alfonso del Mar hosts the largest swimming pool in the world! It stands as a visual testament to the artistry expected for man-made pools. The pool covers a whopping 20 acres and, even after its initial pool resurfacing in 2008, resort officials consistently monitor its surfaces for wear. That’s because, like your guests or residents, their clientele expects only the brightest surface when the time comes to splash around.

Your commercial property’s pool may not equal San Alfonso del Mar in size, however, the necessity of pool resurfacing remains present. A pool’s surface has three major purposes aside from cosmetics. First, pool surfaces subvert aquatic chemicals from absorbing into the ground. Second, a properly maintained pool’s surface stops water from compromising any structural integrity. Third, pool surfaces repel algae and other unattractive bacteria from growing. Some believe that in-ground pools do not need to be finished with a surface. However, without pool resurfacing, they run less efficiently and become more costly to maintain. If no pool resurfacing occurs, pools will also require more chemicals to keep the water at the proper Ph. balance.     

Pool Resurfacing Options 


For any industry focused on a form of hospitality, appearance is reality. You cannot risk an object’s appearance diminishing your property’s value, even if it is considered safe. A pool, therefore, is ready for resurfacing when it looks ragged or rundown.  Pool resurfacing offers a myriad of artistic opportunities, especially when Arrowhead Deck and Concrete LLC does the work! We specialize in our artistry and, in our professionals’ capable hands, pool resurfacing means adding brilliant colors or creating the look of natural stone. All you have to do is select the look that best suits your brand and also your plans for your pool’s new surface. We perform pool resurfacing with the following three options:

  • Concrete—the most flexible with regard to design and pool resurfacing options. We can use any combination of plaster, pebble aggregate, polished marble, glass beads, or tile to create a dream pool for your guests or residents.
  • Vinyl—a flexible material available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Vinyl is perfect for a custom-designed pool. Vinyl pools must be resurfaced with a vinyl liner to withstand water pressure.
  • Fiberglass—an entire shell is crafted in a factory and then shipped out for placement. These surfaces offer the least versatility when it comes to pool resurfacing. The entire shell must be replaced for resurfacing.

Arrowhead Deck and Concrete LLC can help you decide which surface option works best for your business. Our professionals go beyond expectations when it comes to pool resurfacing. We can create the pool of your clientele’s or residents’ dreams, drawing lucrative attention to your establishment.

Contact Arrowhead Deck and Concrete ‭(855) 833-2525‬, [email protected] for a free project analysis and consultation. Let’s work together to put your commercial property on the map!