Concrete Stains and Hand Troweled Overlays

Hand Crafted Designs in Overlays

Our proprietary system creates a unique hand troweled texture combined with a custom colored concrete staining process and is offered in your choice of hand crafted design. This craftmanship sets Arrowhead Deck and Concrete apart from traditional stamped overlays. Stamped overlays utilize preformed stamps which create a standardized tiled pattern across the surface. This can create a cartoonish or rounded impression which must be stamped evenly.

Our free form expression allows us full control over the medium. With this artisan approach to concrete coatings, we are able to create dramatic environments, hide unsightly cracks, and sculpt the artwork to the space. We can avoid concerns such as a busy small pattern in a large area, and can create depth aesthetically. The result is a design that is adapted per the project, variegated in custom color, which your choice of texture.

Arrowhead Deck and Concrete is the leader in unique custom concrete overlays to enhance and modernize the environment.

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