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Amy R., 8-23-23

After leaving messages with 7 different pool companies, we finally got 2 to respond.  One of them was Arrowhead.  I knew it would be a challenge as we live in Casa Grande and that seems to be outside everyone’s stomping grounds.  Tom S came out within the week and we had our quote before he left that day!  We did (finally) get a quote from the other company 2 weeks later.  He told me that we would have our own project manager and advised that the PM would be around to see us in a couple of days.  We planned our project for summer as we assumed that was “off season” for pool companies and it would be better for everyone’s timeline.  Diego did come out a couple of days later to introduce himself and give us a flexible plan for the project.

I was stunned to realize this would only take a total of 5 days over the span of 10 days.  He was true to his word and the pool was drained the following Monday, chipped out Wednesday, tiled on Thursday, pebbled on Friday and refilled on Monday.  Diego was very easy to reach and was knowledgeable on any question that I had.  He was even nice enough to speak with my own pool service after the initial chemical restart.

All the crews that Arrowhead sent over were super friendly and efficient,  even when I was out there taking pictures and being nosy watching the process.  The pool looks amazing and we’ve followed all the instructions for the first 10-28 days to be sure it stays looking great.  My own pool service even helped out by coming by every day for a week to help me sweep and skim!

Thank you for making this a painless and seamless process!